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Speech Privacy Systems

Speech Privacy for Businesses Pensacola FL

Speech Privacy Systems for Businesses

AVS Systems is pleased to announce that we are now a certified dealer of Speech Privacy Systems and Voice Arrest. Voice arrest is a sound masking system, these systems help cover up back ground noise of a normal office. When an employee is on the phone or trying to concentrate, it is very annoying to hear everyone’s conversation, phones ringing and other office noises in the back ground.

Sound masking “fills in” the sound spectrum around you with barely perceptible low level noise, so that speech is cannot be understood. It’s actually sounds like an office air conditioning background noise, so that you don’t notice it. When in use, sound masking sounds like a gentle “whooshing” sound.

What Does This Mean For Your Office?
If you want to increase the productivity of your workers by decreasing the conversational distractions in the area, sound masking is the tool that will give you the most bang for the buck. Since you’re masking sound, you put the masking system in the area where the noise is heard, rather than the source.

Is your office space an acoustic nightmare?
What defines an “acoustic nightmare”? A high school gymnasium is a good example of one. You remember how loud those could get: how sound tended to bounce around and echo, and how conversations whispered in one corner could seemingly be heard everywhere else in the building!

Though most offices aren’t built in gymnasiums, they’re often built in similar acoustic environments. The aesthetic value of a converted warehouse, for example, with its exposed brick walls and open ceiling attracts many businesses. Others have hardwood floors or tile, which also look very nice. Unfortunately, there’s an acoustic trade-off for such aesthetics. The reason such decorative touches make speech privacy such a challenge are fairly straightforward: hard surfaces reflect sound, and whether you’re in a gymnasium or a converted warehouse, there’s little to absorb sound waves.

Absorb, Block, and Cover – “The ABC’s” – represent the three ways you can improve your acoustic environment and achieve necessary privacy levels.

Absorption of sound waves by using a high-NRC-rated ceiling tile or acoustic wall panels,
Blocking by using high-STC-rated panels, partitions, walls, windows, etc.
Covering by adding a source of unstructured [i.e., not music, which is information and therefore distracting], low-level background sound, known as sound masking or white noise
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Voice Arrest Certified Integrator

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