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LifeSentry Two-Way Voice Pendant

Personal Emergency Response System


Although most senior citizens try to hold onto their independence for as long as they can, living alone can be dangerous.  There is no promise of assistance in the case of an emergency.  AVS carries a Two-Way Voice Pendant allows you to act independently while still providing aid anytime, day or night.  This pendant will allow you to communicate your emergency anywhere in and around your home all with one button activation.   The base station plugs into any standard telephone jack and gives you many hundreds of feet of reception.  It should cover your average American home and into the front, back, and side yards.

  • The pendant is water resistant to provide assistance even if you are in the bath or shower, where seniors are most prone to accidents.
  • It has a voice prompted system that provides announcements during set-up, battery test, and full system check.
  • A lithium-ion battery provides several hours of talk time on a full charge, and up to several months in stand-by.
  • It is great for senior homes as each base station connects to up to 16 pendants.
  • The pendant can be carried in 3 convenient ways:  as a lanyard, a wrist strap, or a belt clip.
  • It is approved in all 50 states and Canada.