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AVS Systems understands how important it is to help you make sure your family and home are safe, secure and well protected at all times.  We also understand how overwhelming choosing the right home security system can be.  Imagine a security and fire alarm system that offers the most advanced protection for people and possessions.  It can alert you when children return from school, distinguish pets from intruders, and minimize the chance of false alarms.  Imagine a system that provides convenience, comfort, and dynamic control.  That’s what AVS offers.

By adding a security system to your home, not only will you have taken steps to protect your family and property, but you will also save between 5% and 20% on your annual insurance premium and will increase the value of your home on the housing market.

Whether you need a traditional security system for burglary and fire, or a more sophisticated system that can transmit video images and send vital information via the internet to your smart phone, AVS has a reliable security solution for you.

Need tighter control from outside your home or even from the other side of the globe?  With our home automation features, you are never far away.  If you want to control your alarm system from a wireless key, PDA, remote telephone, or remote computer, you need AVS.  If you want to regularly check activity in your home and stay connected with your children, nannies, elderly relatives, or intruders, you need AVS.  If you want to add controls for home entertainment, lighting, temperature, internet, and a variety of other home systems, you need AVS.

Our customers tell us that we have been successful because our systems are among the easiest for homeowners to understand and use.  You can choose to protect your home with the push of a single button.  You can even provide different codes for family members, visitors, and trades people.  Our installers can teach the entire family to use the system in just a few minutes.

AVS Systems offer the highest quality systems including motion detectors these are dual technology motion detectors that combine passive infrared and microwave detectors with petsimmunity. The anti masking feature prevents intruders from defeating the detector by covering its field of view, and pets can be free in the house (up to 55 pounds) without triggering the alarm.

The DSC smoke detectors provide reliable smoke and fire detection and are designed to reduce false alarms. With the anti glassbreak detectors feature built-in intelligence that makes them “smart” enough to recognize the sound of glass breaking from other common sounds in the home.

Power series keypads and control up to 16 zones and the easy to read keypads, along with wireless components make monitoring very flexible. These multipurpose wireless devices can be used to arm/disarm security system from a distance, trigger your garage door opener, or even activate a panic alarm.


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