Surveillance Program Guarantee

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You can trust our Interactive Camera Systems to keep eyes on your home or business 24 hours a day-365 days a year.  Not only can it help you reduce many of the top risks that businesses like yours face, they may help you improve your efficiency and enhance your company‘s operations as well because we believe your security solutions should help grow your business as well as protect it.


Our system gives you the ability:

  • To keep watch over your business, employees, customers, and profits.
  • To be in full control of your business at all times through local/remote monitoring.
  • To have live control and recorded audit of events and activities.
  • To reduce and typically eliminate areas of loss and shrinkage.


Business losses usually occur in (7) areas:

  1. Shoplifting:  $_____
  2. Vendor Theft: $_____
  3. Employee Theft: $ ____
  4. Employee Productivity: $____
  5. Customer Service: $____
  6. Worker Compensation: $____
  7. Vandalism/Property Damage: $____


Daily Total Loss:  $____ x 7 days a week ________ 30 days=$_______ x 12 months=$_______ x 5 years=$___________!

               Example:     $10 day   X 7 =      $70 a week  X 30  =        $1,400 a month   X 12   =      $16,800 a year X  5 =    

                                                                                        $84,000 every 5 years!

Let us put this money back into your pocket, rather than let it walk out in the pockets of your customers, your employees, or worse yet, go down the road to one of your competitors.

At AVS Systems, we know the success of your business is your greatest security, and the protection of your family is your greatest worry.  Our ICU Program is the best way to keep eyes in your home or business 24/7.  With computer and Smartphone viewing, there is no limit to your protection.     

Allow us to get to know the challenges you are facing.

Then together we can draw from a wide range of products, solutions, and services to help you not only protect your business and allow it to succeed, but to give you and your family peace of mind.