Importance of TV Safety in the home

TV-mounted Unsecured flat-panel TVs in the home pose a great safety risk, especially to young children. Due  to increasingly large television screen sizes and new ultra-thin designs, today’s flat panel TVs  can easily tip when bumped or pulled, causing them to topple off furniture and potentially  causing injury or even death. 

 A 2012 U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission report revealed that a child dies every three  weeks from unsecured TVs toppling over. In addition, nearly 19,000 people visit the emergency  room each year with injuries sustained from TV tip-overs. You might be surprised to know these  injuries are becoming more common, having increased 31 percent in the last 10 years. Only 28  percent of parents secure their flat-panel TVs on the wall.

 The good news is that we can help prevent more TV-related injuries and deaths. You can take  simple action  today to increase TV safety throughout your home and have peace of mind  knowing your family can watch television without the risk of it falling over. Much like putting  your child in a car seat or having them wear a bike helmet, having AVS Systems, Inc. mount your TV is an easy way to keep your child safe.

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