Home Automation

The 2GIG Home Automation system offers more than just security….Offering temperature control, lighting and quick access to what matters most.

FULL VOICE RESPONSE: The panel gives clear notifications that indicate system status, zone descriptions, alarms, and emergencies.

DATE, TIME, & WEATHER DISPLAY: The panel scrolls through date, time, and real-time weather forecasts and severe weather alerts.

QUICK ACCESS: One touch access allows the quickest help possible in an emergency.

CONVENIENCE: The fully self contained panel contains a snap-in cell Radio, a 24 hour backup battery, and allows 32 user codes.

OVER-THE-AIR UPDATES: There’s no need to worry about your panel’s software getting outdated.

USER FRIENDLY LCD TOUCH SCREEN: The easy-to-use color touch screen puts a wide range of security and home automation controls at your fingertips.

AND MUCH MORE! Call 850-484-8882 for more information regarding the 2GIG Home Automation system.